Cathedral Window Gelatin Recipe

Cathedral Window Gelatin is a colorful and delicious dessert that you can make for the holidays. It is very easy to prepare and the kids love it  I think that kids-at heart likes it too, take it from me. This recipe is simple, straightforward, and tested as always. If you want your table to be colorful this holiday, then go with this dish.

The first thing to do when making cathedral window jelly is to prepare the multi-colored jellies that resembles the windows of a cathedral. I used red, yellow, and green jelly. Simply follow the package instructions to make these. We will only need a maximum of 6 cups of jelly. I used 3 colors and divided it equally into 2 cups of cooled jelly per color: red, green, and yellow.

The binder is made from pineapple juice, whipping cream, and condensed milk. This is a creamy type of jelly, but not that sweet which is my preference. Apple juice can be used as an alternative ingredient to pineapple juice, while fresh or evaporated milk can be used  as a substitute for whipping cream. However, your jelly might not be that creamy if you use milk. You should use all-purpose cream instead.

If you can find Knox unflavored and colorless gelatin in your local supermarket, then you should use it to make the binder. When I say binder, it refers to the white gelatin that binds the other jelly cubes together.

When mixing the gelatine, make sure that the pineapple juice is warm or hot before you begin so that the gelatine will dilute quickly. I guess that is all the tip that I can give. Oh, one more thing. Always enjoy everything that you do. If you have kids, try to make this with them so that it can be more fun. Enjoy

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