Ghostly Dark Chocolate Cupcake

Ghostly Dark Chocolate Cupcake is my quick and easy solution for busy people during Halloween. This dark rich chocolate cupcake can be done easily with lesser preparation time because we leveraged on ready-made cupcake icing, instead of creating one from scratch.

Of course, a much quicker approach would be to use an instant chocolate cupcake mix, but that will not entail any personal touch. Preparing the dark chocolate batter is very easy. As long as you have an electric mixer or stand mixer, you can do everything in less than 30 minutes. This definitely is one good Halloween party food.

We start our Ghostly Dark Chocolate Cupcake by mixing all the dry ingredients. Next is to whisk the butter, egg, sugars, and milk. The last step is to gradually whisk-in the dry ingredients with the butter mixture, and then we are now ready to arrange them in the cupcake molds for baking.

I bought the orange colored cupcake icing because the color pretty much represents Halloween. I also saw some ghost candies (which I think were magnificent), so I got them as the main piece for each cupcake. The result was a cupcake that is so freaky delicious. Boo.

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