Oven Baked Leche Flan Recipe

Oven Baked Leche Flan is a version of the popular Filipino leche flan dessert dish made by baking in the oven, instead of the traditional method of steaming. This creamy and delicious custard dish has a smooth texture and the right amount of sweetness.

I like this method of cooking leche flan for many reasons. One reason has something to do with the type and size of mold that I can use. I am not limited to llanera any more; ramekins, cake pans, and other oven-safe molds can be used as long as these fits in the oven just make sure that a large tray with water is under it to serve as water bath. This also means that I can cook more leche flan at the same time. It is ideal if you intend to serve flan to many people.

I mentioned water bath earlier. This refers to a wide and somewhat deep container that you place your mold (with flan) into while baking. The idea is for the mold to be a bit submerged in water while baking to prevent the custard from cracking. When I am making several leche flans to serve to a large group, arranging the molds in roasting pans (like what I showed in the video below) sometimes do not work because I needed more roasting pans to submerge the molds into. What I do is fill-up a wide baking tray (18 x 26) with water and put it on the rack below where my multiple molds are arranged in the oven. The molds are not directly submerged in water, but it works.

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